Sanchez Will Remain An Arsenal Player

Possibly the biggest transfer saga this window seems to be coming to an end. Alexis Sanchez’s future has been widely speculated over the past few months with talks of the player refusing to sign a new deal, falling out with the manager and players to seemed to be something of a tug of war with player and other clubs.

Everyone and their dog were waiting for Sanchez to tell the media and world his decision, It finally came after the confederations cup where the chileans side lost to Germany. He didn’t really give away much while talking on his future.


“My idea is to play and win the Champions League, it is a dream I have had since I was little”

“I have made my decision, but now we wait for a response from Arsenal. It depends on them, I have to wait to know what they want.”

After this speculation ran wild with people stating his intention to move to Manchester City for Champions league football. But if you take a step back and read what he is really saying he is not stating to wants champions league football he’s stating he aims to win it and then puts the ball in Arsenals court. To me that says he’s making hi intentions and aims clear to Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, he wants to win and he wants is aims matched by that of the club.

Now how would they do that I hear you ask, simply they are already doing that the signing of Lacazette was a big step forward and even the push for Mbappe and other very talented attackers but they still need more. Arsenal relied on Sanchez far too much last season and need more options for goals and creativity.

Alexis Sanchez will stay an Arsenal player at least for the upcoming season, if Arsenal mount a challenge for the title and europa league i can see him staying and pushing the club further.


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