FIFA 18 First Look


Electronic Arts sports gaming deivison announced Fifa 18 yesterday. They didn’t give us much information about the new installment but they did give us a teaser trailer. But again even that didn’t give us much so what do we know at this early stage?

The biggest thing that EA are pushing with Fifa 18 is that the new cover man and face of Fifa is none-other than Cristiano Ronaldo. This may have something to do with PES pushing their Barcelona licence giving Fifa the chance to have Ronaldo as the face who was previously the face for PES for many years. The quote which is going around is “The World’s Game Fueled By the World’s Best”.

FIFA-18-Icons-on-Playstation-Xbox-One-and-PC-New-FIFA-18-LegendsThey did however give us a tease at something new for FUT Ultimate Team, Ultimate Team in Fifa is the real money maker for Fifa and EA which made over $800m over Fifa 17, which could push for EA to eventually make this game a free-2-play model in order to get more people to play and potentially more money through Ultimate Team but that’s another discussion and highly unlikely to happen. The mode they’ve teased is being call “FUT ICONS”.

It seems to hint at a new style of legend players being in the game which would be big for PC and Playstation players as the current legend players cards are only available on xbox.

Along with FUT Icons they also gave us a release date for the game and a new special edition. The game is set to release at the end of September this year on the 29th. They do have a Ronaldo Edition which will see you receiving the game three days early similar to EA Access currently on PC and Xbox.

FIFA 18 will be playable at E3 later this month and we will be guaranteed to see gameplay and much more then.


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